Release notes v2.2.0: March 4, 2012


New Features:

  1. Added support for Distributed Performance Testing

  2. Dictionary creation follows Default array size count
  3. Better concurrency for perf tests with large # of test agents
  4. Added ability to re-launch the start window. Click on View --> Show start window

Bug Fixes :

  1. FIX: Added checking of other wcfstorm instances before doing installation update.
  2. FIX : Strings defaulted to NULL when "Default instances to null" setting is checked.
  3. FIX : Display of RecentURLs and recent projects
  4. FIX : Race condition when loading projects from console app
  5. FIX : Fixed loading of Arrays containing super class types
  6. FIX : Fixed random concurrency error when updating graphs during a perf test.
  7. FIX : Fixed typo on project loaded "successfuly" message

Release notes v2.1.0: 14/09/2011 12:00:00 AM


New Features:

  1. Enabled 64-bit support. Client config files containing custom WCF extensions can now be loaded
    *IMPORTANT (Please read!)* : How to update WCFStorm to enable 64-bit support:

    If you're running WCFStorm in a 64-bit machine, please do the following

    1. Download the 64-bit version of System.Data.SQLite.dll
    2. Run WCFStorm and select Help --> Check For Updates to open the Update window
    3. Click on Download
    4. Close WCFStorm
    5. Open windows explorer and navigate to the folder where wcfstorm.exe is located
    6. Replace System.Data.SQLite.dll with downloaded 64-bit version
    7. Re-run WCFStorm to finish the update.

    * For 32-bit Machines *

    If you're running WCFStorm in a 32-bit machine. You can just download the update as usual

Bug Fixes :

  1. FIX: Initialized binding default values when not present in RuntimeConfig.xml
  2. FIX: Bug fix for the issue regarding duplicate loading of custom plugins
  3. FIX: Bug fix for the error that occurs when a request containing a byte[] type is called twice.
  4. FIX: Bug fix for the random issues caused by the obfuscator.
  5. FIX : Bug fix for Dictionary types on the request
  6. FIX : Bug fix for random NullReference error during long running performance tests.

IMPORTANT: (This applies to both 32-bit and 64-bit machines) Please apply the 2.1.3 patch after updating.

Release notes v2.0.0: 06/06/2011 12:00:00 AM


* Beginning from v2.0.0, WCFStorm requires .NET 3.5 Framework! *

If you have a valid license and require the .NET 3.0 please send an email to to request a special build

New Features:

  1. NEW : Provided large default Binding values and added a way for editing it from the UI.
  2. To edit the default values, Click on "Config" --> Select "Binding" Tab.  These are global values and will apply to all wcf services open in WCFStorm.  If you like to customize some values for the specific endpoint, please see #2 below

    When a wcfstormproject is saved/created the values gets saved into the RuntimeConfig.xml file and its gets reloaded whenever the project is opened again.

  3. NEW : Defaulted binding timeout values to 10 minutes. Timeouts are also configurabe
  4. NEW : ReaderQuota Binding values can edited for a specific endpoint.
  5. NEW : Re-enabled the use of EditEndpoint window even when a config is loaded
  6. NEW : When switching to XML View, the default tab shows the text editor, instead of the browser.
  7. The XML Text editor also has a status (Red/Green) icon on the upper right to indicate whether the XML is valid.

  8. NEW: Added real-time warning/feedback messages when the input message being edited using the XML Text Editor, contains invalid values. For example, if the type of a parameter is Int and you've mistakenly typed-in a non-integer string, a warning will be shown in the bottom log panel
  9. NEW : Test cases that didnt load are displayed as disabled (grayed-out)
  10. NEW : Cleaned up the functional test case editor UI
  11. NEW : Cleaned up the run all tests editor UI
  12. NEW: Added support for System.Uri type
  13. NEW: Added support for XmlElement type
  14. NEW: For better support with subversion, the WCFStorm no longer cleans up the project folder structure.

    Please note that WCFStorm creates matching folder and test case names. As such, if the test case is re-named, the folder will also be renamed. If the files are in subversion please do a "Repair move"

Bug Fixes :

  1. FIX: Bug fix for renaming test cases when multiple services are loaded into a project.
  2. FIX: Bug fix for loading test case expected responses when it contains a Dictionary type parameter.
  3. FIX: Bug fix for loading test cases that contains Dictionary types in the response.
  4. FIX : Bug Fix for the (usability) issue that occurs when an array element's is resized. Previously, all the elements are created with default values and the existing ones are discarded. Now, the previous elements maintained and new elements are added (or removed) as needed.
  5. FIX : Bug fix for creating instances of nullable enum types
  6. FIX : Bug fix for IMethodInvokePipeline plugins which do not re-load the modified xml input
  7. FIX : Bug fix for the error that occurs when several open services have the same method names.
  8. FIX : Bug fix for the error that occurs when the columns in the runall tests form is re-ordered.
  9. FIX : Bug fix for the NullReference error when running perf test
  10. FIX : Increased the DB column from varchar(200) to TEXT to prevent the error that occurs when the URL is very long

Release notes v1.3.0: 25/01/2011 12:00:00 AM


* Beginning from v1.3 licenses no longer expires. Free updates (new features/bug fixes) and support are available only for 1 year *

New Features:

  1. NEW : Added text editor with syntax highlighting for editing the XML request
  2. NEW : Added search for the text editor
  3. NEW : When doing "Run All Tests", a summary table is displayed to show the status of each test case
  4. NEW : Added execution of wcfstorm.exe with arguments which allows it to be integrated with Visual Studio
  5. Note: In the post-build event of Visual studio add

  6. NEW: Added tab functions "Close All", "Close All but this", "Close all tabs to the right"
  7. NEW : Added opening of 1 test case and 1 perf test for the LITE version
  8. NEW: Up/Down sorting of methods in the service tree (Press Ctrl-Up/Ctrl-Down or Right-click -> Move Up/Down)
  9. NEW: Added support for mexNamedPipeBinding discovery
  10. NEW: Added config entry to create a new proxy per request (Config --> Under the hood --> Always Create new proxy)
  11. NEW: Added config entry to write responses to a file
  12. Note: Redirected responses will not be displayed in the response panel.

Bug Fixes :

  1. FIX: App.config is re-used when the proxy expires
  2. FIX: Increased binding defaults to support discovery of services having large WSDLs exposed using mexTcp (i.e. services with several methods)
  3. FIX : Services which has been removed from the wcfstrormproject file are no longer displayed even if the service interface is still present in the WSDL
  4. FIX : Fixed bug on enums that do not start with zero

Known issues :

  1. Generic dictionary types Dictionary<K,T> not handled correctly


New Features:

  1. NEW : Performance test plots can now be expanded, saved as image, printed etc.
  2. NEW : Added a search feature for searching through the request, response, test inputs and service trees.
  3. NEW : When saving test cases, changes are immediately saved to the disk
  4. NEW : Methood names in the service tree view are now sorted by name
  5. NEW: Deletes go to the recycle bin
  6. NEW: Added confirm dialog when removing a test cases
  7. NEW: Date format is now fully customizable. Config --> Under the hood --> Date format settings
  8. NEW : Added an error message when the plugin being loaded doesnt have the [TargetService] attribute
  9. NEW : Added multi selection for editing default validation rules.
  10. NEW: Added Activate license button
  11. NEW: Added right-click options to Collapse/Expand all tree nodes.
  12. NEW: Byte[] fields in the response are no longer displayed in full.
  13. NEW: Newer/cleaner icons

Bug Fixes :

  1. Fixed crash when the data contract of the service changes and the test case no longer matches it
  2. Fixed infinite loop when loading a custom plugin
  3. Removed the lower casing or URLS.
  4. Fix for Dictionary types having an ENUM as a key
  5. Fix the bug on loading custom plugins that explicitly impletented the IMethodInvokePipeline interface
  6. (Scripting) Fix task.IvokeMethod() to return an exception if the method call response is a fault.
  7. (Scripting) Scripts are reloaded if a change is detected.

Release notes v1.1.9: 25/02/2010 12:00:00 AM


New Features:

  1. NEW: When editing an object/parameter, the focus is automatically set on the "Value" field of the property grid. This means that when the object editor pops-up, you can immediately start typing in the value you'd like the object to have. Previously, the "Value" field needs to be clicked (to set the focus on it) before a value can be typed in
  2. NEW: Press F5 to invoke method, execute functional test or start a performance test
  3. NEW: Added support for scripting using IronPython. A "task" object which contains the several methods for executing test cases and invoking methods is exposed to the IronPython runtime.

    Please see the links below for some scripting samples

  4. NEW : Added new console application, WcfStormConsole.exe for executing IronPython scripts from the command line.
  5. NEW : Added keyboard shortcuts. Check out : Help --> Shortcut

Bug Fixes :

  1. The graphical plot showing the various response times of the service methods are shown only if data is added to the plot
  2. When a test case is opened and a method returns an exception, the exception response can no longer be saved as an expected result
  3. When a perf test is executed the 2nd time, the plots no longer show
  4. If service implements multiple contracts, not all test cases are loaded
  5. Fixed handling of System.Uri type on the response


New Features:

  1. Enhanced performance for long running performace tests.
  2. Added feature to view performance test logs n notepad
  3. Added feature to default instance creation to null when a cyclic reference is detected. This can be configured from the Config Added support for creating new functional test cases based on exisiting ones
  4. Added more viewable URLs and projects in the start page
  5. Previous URLs now included in the dropdown selection when adding service URLs.
  6. Added detection of schema changes in the WCF service's wsdl
  7. Added feature to navigate (Next diff/Previous diff) differences between expected and actual responses
  8. Added feature to load default settings from the RuntimeConfig.xml file if it can be found in wcfstorm.exe folder.
  9. Added support for Dictionary types
  10. Added busy animation on Invoke button
  11. Double-clicking the "Input" sub node of a test case opens it up in a new tab.

Bug Fixes :

  1. Proxy server settings now persisted into the RuntimeConfig.xml
  2. Added option to specify whether whitespace will be maintainted for System.String types. (Config -> Under the hood --> Preserve whitespace for string types)
  3. Added more details to db errors
  4. Byte array types can only be populated by loading a file. The individual Byte nodes are no longer shown. Instead, the length and filename are shown
  5. TestCase(s) node is removed if it doesnt contain anymore test cases
  6. Fixed bug that prevernts System.Object types from being populated with ServiceKnown types.


New Features:

  1. Added support for skipping comparison of "random" (like DateTime, GUID, etc.) data in the response. To try it out, create a test case and click on "Edit Default Validations". Previously, all validations uses exact matching
  2. Added support for renaming Functional and Perf test cases
  3. Added feature to default instance creation to null when a cyclic reference is detected. This can be configured from the Config Added support for creating new functional test cases based on exisiting ones
  4. Added "Learn More" links. Click Help --> Learn More
  5. Modified service tree node to display the currently open project
  6. Added support for adding client app.config files into the project
  7. Added support for Remove/Refresh client app.config files
  8. Added support for persisting the config values configured via the UI in a project. (Sample config values are UseMessageContract, Credentials, Impersonation level etc.) To try it out, create a project and save it. Open up windows explored and navigate to the project folder, a "RuntimeConfig.xml" file will be located there.
  9. Added the saving of data types containing cyclic references as an expected response in a test case
  10. Added the saving of data types containing cyclic references as an expected response in a test case
  11. Added support to recreate the client proxy after 10 minutes if it has been idle i.e none of the wcf methods had been invoked within the last 10 min.
  12. Added mextcpBinding support
  13. Loading of test cases containing plymorphic types (speed enhancement)

Bug Fixes :

  1. Fixed the error that occurs when a test case is created after loading a custom plugin
  2. Fixed error that occurs when Check for Updates is ran before adding a service
  3. Fixed error that occurs when a tree node is selected and the user clicked outside the treeview.
  4. Fixed error when loading tests containing the Decimal data type.
  5. Fixed error that occurs for array of nullables


New Features:

  1. Added feature to support cyclic references in the response. (Saving of responses in a test case containing cyclic references will be added in the next release)
  2. Added feature to configure impersonation level
  3. Added feature to default instance creation to null when a cyclic reference is detected. This can be configured from the Config menu.

Bug Fixes :

  1. Fixed bug in handling of void return types when saving functional test cases. Void responses can no longer be saved as an expected response in a test case.
  2. Fixed bug on loading of plugin for EditMethodInput that targets all (targetType.All) methods.


New Features:

  1. Added enhancements to speed up performance testing especially in high-load scenarios
  2. Added feature to save the log statements of a perf test
  3. Added feature to save the log statements of wcfstorm
  4. Added feature to support generation of Message contracts (same with /mc in svcutil)

Bug Fixes :

  1. Fixed bug in handling of void return types during performance testing
  2. Fixed bug that interprets a zero-length array as null.
  3. Fixed bug when loading plugins (bug does not occur for everyone)


New Features:

  1. Added new "# Responses" column in Performance Test.
  2. Added config value to not perform default validation of certificates
  3. New icon (thanks to Jameel Al-aziz)

Bug Fixes :

  1. Fix bug on perf test Duration and Interval fields wherein a the value is multiplied by 1000
  2. Fix on perf test wherein responses still keep on arriving event after the test duration has elapsed
  3. Fix on updater. the dependent version is no longer downloaded if the current assembly version is larger


New Features:

  1. Added saving of a perf test graph to a PNG image
  2. Added Median on perf test
  3. Added Standard Deviation on perf test

Bug Fixes :

  1. Fixed proxy error bug
  2. Fixed bug on setting ClientCredential.Username.Username and Password
  3. Fixed bug on CollectionDataContract when its a top level parameter and size was modified
  4. Fix bug on loading of x509 certificate