What's new in 1.1

WCFStorm 1.1 contains a lot of new exciting features most of which were requested by users.  These features greatly enhance the usability and usefulness of the application.  Our thanks goes out to those who've submitted these feature requests and bug reports.  Thank you very much!

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Main features of version 1.1

  1. Loading of existing client App.config files into WCFStorm
  2. Support for Duplex WCF services
  3. One-click execution of all functional test cases under a method or of the whole WCF service.
  4. A plugin interface for custom validations of functional test cases.
  5. A plugin interface for randomizing requests or re-using the previous response as input to the next request.
  6. A plugin interface for programmatically modifying the ServiceEndpoint instance
  7. A plugin interface to support Duplex services

 Other new features

  1. Dynamically setting the size of an array parameter
  2. Configurable MaxItemsInObjectGraph
  3. Loading of local wsdl files.
  4. Added support for WCF services containing multiple contracts
  5. Configurable option to ignore WSDL import errors.
  6. Auto-updater for easy deployment of fixes and new features.


Apart from these new features, there were also a number of bug fixes.  This only goes to show that we are listening to our users and that we continously strive to make WCFStorm better.

  1. Fixed bug on displaying array elements 10 and onwards.
  2. Fixed bug on displaying XML View.  Previously, Xml does not refresh even after a new method has been selected or a new response has returned.
  3. Fixed bug on XML view when a string param contains a "=" sign.
  4. Fixed bug on XML view of generic exceptions.
  5. Clean up of Temp folder
  6. Fixed matching against "System" assemblies
  7. Fixed DateTime european format bug.
  8. Fixed bug on recent projects. Previously, the "recent projects" links only loads the project that was last opened.
  9. Fixed bug on loading types marked with CollectionDataContract 
  10. Fixed bug when loading from a file an input xml that has an "=" in one of its string parameters
  11. Fixed bug in loading of DateTime values saved in a file
  12. Fixed bug in loading perf test parameters saved in a file
  13. Fixed bug when modifying the endpoint address.
  14. Fixed bug when invoking a web service who's url starts with "https"
  15. Fixed bug in displaying error values from methods having a return type of void.

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