Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q : What is the difference between the Lite, Personal and Professional/Enterprise licenses?
    A : The Personal license is valid for personal use only while the Professional license is valid for commercial/enterprise use. In other words, if you'll be using WCFStorm in a machine at your work place you should be going for the Professional/Enterprise license.

    Check out the feature comparison table

  2. Q: On how many machines can I install WCFStorm together with the license I've purchased?
    A : A single license is valid for use only on a single machine (1 license == 1 seat).  A license can only be installed/used on multiple machines if it was purchased during promotion that specifically states that the license is for multiple seats.

  3. Q: Does the license need to be renewed yearly?
    A : No.  Licenses do not expire. Within 1 year of purchase, upgrades and email support is free.  However after 1 year, if you still would like to receive upgrades and support,  please contact us to get a discount on the subscription license.

  4. Q: Is netTcpBinding supported?
    A:  Yes.  WCFStorm needs to access and analyze the WSDL in order for it to dynamically invoke the service.  If you don't have a local copy of the wsdl, a mexHttpBinding must be added to the service. 

    Please have a look at  At step #4, it shows that it's invoking the service using netTcpBinding    

  5. Q: Can I use WCFStorm to test a web service that was not written in a .NET language?
    A:  Yes of course you can!

  6. Q: We have an internal WCF Service that we have exposed via the internet by changing the binding from netTcpBinding to basicHttpBinding.  Will my previous test cases created with WCFStorm still work?

    A: Yes.  The functional and performance test cases of WCFStorm are not tied to the binding or to any specific endpoint configuration.


  7. Q: Does WCFStorm support callbacks (duplex scenarios)?

    A: Yes


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