WCF Service Testing with WcfStorm

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WcfStorm is a dead-simple, easy-to-use test workbench for WCF Services.

It supports all bindings (except webHttp) including netTcpBinding, wsHttpBinding and namedPipesBinding to name a few. It also lets you create and functional and performance test cases thus ensuring that your WCF Services are bug-free and functioning exactly as you've designed. Learn more...

"Think of wcfstorm(lite) as the Visual Studio WCF Test Client on steroids." -  link


WCF Service Hosting with WcfStorm.Server

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Have you ever felt like WCF support on IIS was just "tacked-on"? We'll you're not alone.  Lots of developers feel the same way,  which is why we've built WcfStormServer.

WcfStormServer was designed to give you features that are not provided by IIS.  Features such as automatic tracking of sent/received messages processed by the service, live monitoring of your service's performance and memory usage, auto-logging of exceptions, auto log rolling and management of *.svctrace files, and many more. Learn more...


Testing SignalR with Tresi

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Tresi is one and only test client for SignalR Hubs. It takes the pain away from testing SignalR.

It supports creation of load tests with different loading strategies. It also has an editor for defining request parameters that works all too well even for Hub methods that take in complex types.. Learn more...





Free Downloads:

WcfStorm.Rest - LITE

 WcfStorm latest release: v4.0.0
(Dec 4, 2021)

WcfStorm.REST latest release: v3.0.0
(Dec 11, 2017)

What's new in 2.6

Tresi latest release: v2.0.0

(Dec 17, 2017)


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