How to do a Performance Test against a REST service

Steps to run a perf test

  1. In the welcome screen, (or from the menu) click on .  This will open a perft test tab.
  2. Specify the parameters of the test

    • # Virtual Users : Number of virtual users to simulate
    • Rampup : This is the interval in milliseconds at which virtual users are created. For example, if the rampup value is "1000", every second, WcfStorm.Rest will create a virtual user until it has reached the specified number of users
    • Invoke Interval (msec) : This is the interval in milliseconds at which a virtual user repeatedly invokes the service
    • Duration :This is the total duration of the test (specified in seconds).
    • Limit Line: This is a line that is drawn in the chart to indicate some kind of threshold value.  This line is in RED color.
  3. (if needed) Specify the request header and request body.
  4. Specify the target URL
  5. Click Start. 

    (click to enlarge)

Sample output


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