How to validate a functional test

 Steps to create validations for a functional test

  1. First create a project then create a functional test.
  2. In the project explorer window, double click on the test to open it.
  3. Edit the test input.  The important parts are shown below

  4. Click on the Run button.  Wait for a while until a response is received.
  5. Check "Compare Actual Vs Expected" to always verify that the actual response matches the expected response
  6. After a response is received, the "Add Validations" button will become enabled
  7. Click on Add Validations to bring up the validations window.  Click OK when you're done.


NOTE 1: If "Compare Actual is Checked", Wcfstorm.Rest will first do an "exact match" comparison between the expected and actual response before running the custom validations.

NOTE 2: A test is considered "Passed" if any of the below conditions are met

  1. If there's no expected response or custom validations, the http response code must be must be between 200 - 300.
  2. If there's no expected response, all custom validations must pass
  3. If there are no custom validations, (but has an expected response) then the expected response must match the actual response. 

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