Customizing the Default Test Case Validation

By default, WCFStorm will compaare the expected and actual responses of a functional test case by matching the values field-by-field.  If the service is returning a field that has a random value, this will cause the test case to fail (red bar at the top) everytime even though the wcf service is working as expected. 

There are 2 ways to solve this issue

  1. Write code to override the dafault validation and have complete control of the validation process 

  2. Customize the default validation (steps shown below)
    1. Create and open a test case
    2. Click on Edit Default Validation Rules.  Right click a leaf node and select "Skip"

      Edit default validations
    3. As the name implies, fields marked with "Skip" are skipped during validation. 

      Diff comparison showing skipped fields


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