Getting to know the User Interface

The design of WCFStorm is rooted in simplicity.  The menus and icons were designed in such a way that a first-time user would feel immediately at home and can get started with the tool immediately.

Let's have a look at the main "panes".

  • Service Pane : This displays the services that are being tested.  Web and WCF services can be displayed at the same time.
  • Request Pane : Any method selected in the Service Pane gets displayed here.  It is in the Request Pane where the object is edited and a method is invoked. 
  • Response Pane : Responses from the service are shown here
  • Logging Pane : This shows the log messages and a graph of the response times of any method invocations



The main menu is below. I'd say it's so simple it's pretty much self-explanatory.


The Request Pane actions  is shown below. 

    Here we can

  • Invoke a method
  • Switch views (tree view vs XML view)
  • Edit the object
  • Save objects to XML and Load them
  • Create functional test cases
  • Create performance/load test cases

     Request pane actions

      That's it!

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