Working with Arrays

If you are testing a method having an array parameter and whose signature is something like

public void UpdateEmployees(Employee[] employees)

When the UpdateEmployees method is selected in the service pane, WCFStorm will use the "Default Array Size" configuration value (Config --> UI Interface tab --> Default Array Size checkbox) which is 1.  As such, in the request pane, the employees parameter will have only one element

                                -- MethodParameters 
                                       -- employees Employee[] 
                                              --Employee[0]                  <-- only 1 element
                                                   -- FirstName =  
                                                   -- LastName =  

This "Default Array Size" configuration value can be modified prior to adding the service. Or if you had already added the service, you can still edit the default array size value, but then you'd need to open the method (UpdateEmployees for example) in a new tab in order for the new array size value to be picked up.  Please see the screenshot below. 





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