Loading existing client App.config file

One of the best features of version 1.1 is the ability to load your existing client app.config files into WCFStorm.

Here's how you can do it a few easy steps.

  1. Add a service (step #1 in Getting Started)
  2. Select the service node.  This will enable the "Client Config"  menu button.
  3. Click on the Client Config menu button and browse your existing App.config file.
  4. Click OK.  WCFStorm will then read the config and create a new client proxy instance using the config values you've just loaded.

Important Note:  

In order for WCFStorm to match the endpoint configuration in the App.config file with the current WCFService open in WCFStorm, the following values shoud match (see screenshot).

Load client App.config

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